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1st edition

Once every 2 weeks I will deliver “3 things direct from the future”. A 2 minute read that will always give you:

  • one thing that can help,
  • one thing to be wary of, and
  • one thing to amaze.

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1. One thing that can help.

Haptics is the technology of transmitting and understanding information through touch. For the deaf community this is game-changing. The ability to feel sound and translate it will remove barriers for the deaf community.

The people at Not Impossible Labs built a “haptic music suit” that enables deaf people to hear the music being played in front of them at a live concert. Check it out in this amazing video

From impossible to possible

2. One thing to be wary of

Big tech is getting bigger. Last week the heads of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google were questioned by US congress about their alleged anti-competitive behaviour. This is a big deal.

What is clear is that these business use their vast resources and their huge quantities of (your personal) data to crush competition. Through:

  • Price wars – for example Amazon cut prices on baby supplies and was prepared to lose $200 million to put Diapers.com out of business – after Amazon purchased Diapers.com the prices went back up. This is illegal.
  • Buying the competition. Facebook = Instagram = WhatsApp.
  • Controlling both sides of the market. Google control the selling and placement/promotion of ads as well as the ad performance data. Amazon sell their own products on the platform they control, whilst setting the rules for their competitors (3rd party sellers) on that same platform.

Take an interest in your privacy and your data and pay attention to where you are purchasing from. A monopoly has never worked out well for consumers.

3. One thing to amaze

Belgian music festival tomorrowland

1 million people at a festival – that’s AMAZING!

The massive Belgian music festival Tomorrowland couldn’t go ahead – we all know why! So they went virtual in a HUGE way. Over 1 million people attended the festival online or through virtual reality. Is this the future of music festivals in a socially distanced world? From IQ ….

“The Tomorrowland team filmed the performances that appear as part of the festival at the festival site in Boom, Belgium, [and] in Los Angeles, USA; Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Sydney, Australia to film artists based in different world regions.

The performances were filmed on six 4K ultra HD cameras in collaboration with stYpe, which provides camera tracking technology to achieve real-time augmented reality and virtual studio effects in live broadcast.”

Have a great week.

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